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Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Easton

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

water damage in commercial property “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Easton Requires Proper Drying Techniques

One day you could go into your Easton real estate office and see puddles all over your floors. Commercial water damage can take place by things like your building's roof leaking or one of your water pipes running to your restrooms bursting. Once moisture leaks from the outside, or your plumbing system, it will follow gravity and build up on your flooring materials first.

Once your carpets get wet, it is wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. We know that restoring the commercial water damage inside your Easton realty office promptly is essential to providing a pleasant atmosphere for your customers. When moisture starts to affect your carpets and other building materials inside your office after a leak, we can start the restoration process by extracting all of the moisture possible while it is still a liquid.

After our SERVPRO technicians extract as much liquid H2O as possible, we begin the applied structural drying or ASD phase. During this step in the mitigation procedures, we use air movers and dehumidifiers to create an environment that speeds up the natural evaporation and drying process. When setting up the drying equipment, we utilize proper placement techniques.

One rule when placing air movers and dehumidifiers is that the fans should never push air directly into the back of any of these machines that remove moisture from the air. Dehumidifiers dispense hot, dry air that the air movers can use to create effective air circulation during the ASD process. All fans should be placed so that the exhaust from the dehumidifiers are pointed directly at the air mover's intake.

Another drying technique commonly used in an office building with carpet is to "float" the flooring materials. During this technique, sections of the carpet get removed from the tack strip and peeled back so that air movers can push air underneath the carpets and dry the bottom of the flooring material as well as the subfloor.

Whenever we work on restoring your place of business, we try to find the best and most cost-effective methods to return your real estate office to its preloss state, “Like it never even happened.” When in need of a restoration contractor in your area, call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at (508) 697-5439 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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Our Experts Discuss Why Immediate Action Is Crucial After A Flood In Easton

12/21/2019 (Permalink)

flooding caused by storm “Like it never even happened.”

Immediate Action is Critical to Address Flood Damage in Easton

While you may think that all floods are due to rising water from lakes and streams nearby, you should know that several natural factors can bring on floodwaters. The quicker that you can spring into action to remedy the situation, the easier it is to cut back on the devastation to your property. This is when contacting professionals at SERVPRO to restore your residence is the best option.

Homes with flood damage in Easton should be assessed and repaired as quickly as possible right after the event takes place. Experienced flood remediation technicians have the tools, expertise, and manpower to lessen the loss and help you get back to your life as usual. Once any natural disaster takes hold and wind and rain come with it, several areas around your property can become vulnerable.

Tree Damage
With a major storm, wind and rain can leave tree damage on your roof once the rainfall breaks through. It can saturate all of the materials within the exposed space. Any absorbent material is saturated can hold onto the moisture for an extended period. It is critical that you remove saturated materials and that the extraction begins to pull up as much as possible before water stains and mold set in. SERVPRO technicians work to tarp off the area to stop unwanted rain as well as vermin or pests from coming inside.

Window Breakage
If a window is left open during a major storm or it breaks from wind or flying debris, water can come in saturating the room as well as spreading down into the walls. Damaged window frames could also mean that water gets down inside the walls, causing warping, rust, and mildew. Our trained technicians use infrared moisture detection tools to locate any wet areas and then make sure that the window is repaired.

Standing Water
Any standing water has to be removed quickly, which is when SERVPRO team members use high-powered pumps, vacuums, and extraction tools to pull up as much moisture as possible. Other tools we employ to dry a flood-damaged home thoroughly include handheld equipment with heat, dehumidifiers, and air movers that work to circulate the area. This is followed closely by odor management to remove any unwanted smells left behind.

Whenever you are faced when flood damage, call our staff at SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at (508) 697-5439, and we can send out a team as quickly as possible to begin an assessment.

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We Act Fast In Easton After A Fire

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

A Stove top covered in soot and smoke damage after a fire We have the training, fire damage experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Fire Damage Cleanup in Your Easton Residence Calls for Expert Restoration Techniques

If you have even seen a building burning down, you know the destruction that a fire leaves in its wake. Unfortunately, even after putting out the flames, smoke residues and associated smells can linger in a house for many days. This means that while trying to restore your residence, you could be dealing with the stench. Smoke can easily seep into the wood, drywall, and textiles.

When the smoke settles on a surface as a residue, it is called soot, and it can coat a wide range of materials, causing corrosion and discoloration. SERVPRO can help you stop further fire damage in your Easton residence. Our restorers can guide you through the restoration process. We can clean up your property and restorable contents to remove ash, smoke residues, water from firefighting efforts, and malodors.

We can use our experience to choose the restoration methods that can provide the desired results. Various factors determine the severity of fire damage. These factors include:

The size of the fire: If the flames were significant, there might be a substantial amount of smoke residues to clean up.

Room size: In small rooms, the smoke odor is likely to be intense and highly concentrated. 

Time of exposure: If your property was exposed to smoke for an extended time, the residues could be more significant.

Odor type: The severity and consistency of odors often depend on the structures and contents that burned during the fire.

Our Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRTs) can clean up the smoke residues using tools like dry cleaning sponges.  We can use these sponges to eradicate light to medium soils that are not greasy. Apart from cleaning up soot, our restoration experts can take steps to mitigate the contamination that gaseous chemicals cause. The typical chemical components that cause contamination are the semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) and the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause smoke smells.

Cleaning up smoke particles may not remove VOCs and SVOCs. These compounds are also not the same in every fire, and they usually change based on the fuel source, which could be structural framing, plastics, paint, rubber, or fabrics. We can use advanced equipment to identify these compounds.

By identifying volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, we can understand the substances that burned during the fire and complete the restoration process correctly. This knowledge also enables us to deal with the challenges of eliminating specific smoke residues. For instance, protein fires produce minimal visible smoke residues. Underestimating the destruction is easy if your home does not have the black residues linked with typical fires. The layer of film that protein fires produce can create a strong smell. The protein residues can also penetrate items like clothes, drapes, drawers, and cabinets. Our SERVPRO crew can clean the affected surfaces and materials thoroughly to remove the layer of film and odor.

After the unfortunate event of fire damage in your home, call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters for professional fire restoration services. Our helpline is (508) 697-5439.

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Water Damage in Easton Homes May Have a Time Limit for Drying

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

Kitchen with the cabinet doors open and equipment on the floor The SERVPRO team is setting up equipment after water damage in this kitchen

Why SERVPRO is your best choice after water damage

A surprising issue encountered by homeowners with water damage is that their insurance carrier puts time limits on the amount of drying time. 

Water damage in Easton occurs commonly for many reasons, but each insurance claim is unique. The technology and advancements in the industry make water cleanup faster and more efficient. The next-level equipment used by SERVPRO works in the homeowner's favor to thoroughly dry your home in the allocated time. 


Communication is critical during water loss cleanup. When handling the restoration in the home, the crew chief communicates with both the insurance adjuster and the property owner to ensure everyone agrees to the services performed as well as the time frame for the needed for extraction, drying and final restoration services to complete the job. 

Thorough Extraction Lessens Drying Times Needed

SERVPRO technicians use different types of extraction equipment to pull the water out of the carpet and padding, upholstery, and other hard-to-dry areas. They do several passes to ensure the maximum amount of water gets removed before moving on to the next step in the restoration process. 

State of the Art Drying Equipment

When fans blow on a wet surface, they can achieve some level of dryness after a while. However, the fans do nothing about the raised indoor humidity levels, which slow drying times. Air movers are not fans. SERVPRO technicians set up numbers of them on each water loss site to effectively pull embedded moisture to the surface. The dehumidification equipment is key to lessening drying times as these units capture moisture in the air and port it off-site. This tandem action allows the air movers to circulate progressively drier air rapidly in the water loss area. 

SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at (508) 697-5439 has trained, certified technicians with the experience and equipment to handle water damage in your home and make it, "Like it never even happened."

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Our Technicians Discuss How Your Can Restore Your Water Damaged Bridgewater Home

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling Give our SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters team a call anytime at (508) 697-5439.

Can You Restore Water-Damaged Drywall in Bridgewater Homes?

Water loss incidents can affect various surfaces and materials throughout your Bridgewater home in devastating ways. Some of these construction materials can withstand this onslaught of moisture or saturation much better than others. Among the most susceptible to substantial damages in a brief period is the drywall. As a porous gypsum material, the wallboard can quickly become oversaturated with just moderate exposure to water loss effects.

We have multiple solutions to identify how badly affected drywall surfaces have become after water damage to Bridgewater homes. Non-penetrating moisture meters, for example, can help to establish a dryline where damp drywall becomes unaffected by the water loss effects. This tool provides the most direct depiction of drywall damage, as thermography and other approaches might showcase other wet materials nearby as well. Understanding the position of this line can be instrumental ineffective drying practices, including controlled demolition, flood cuts, positive pressure drying, and other approaches.

The choice as to whether or not drywall can get restored and protected from water losses rests in the length of exposure and the physical signs that can indicate irreparable conditions such as swelling or apparent fungal growth. The same can be said for sagging ceiling material of this same composition. If drywall shows no apparent signs of this type of damage, it might not be impossible to restore on-site.

There are advantages to choosing to restore drywall in your home when possible. Our SERVPRO professionals seek to provide our customers with the cheapest and most efficient solution, but even controlled demolition can open up the door for exposure to potential asbestos-containing materials (PACM) or other present hazards. As with all demolition projects, these approaches only get considered after other efforts to restore on-site have been exhausted.

No matter how severe water damage might be in your home, it does not always indicate a need for widespread demolition and reconstruction. As capable as our team is of handling your reconstruction needs, we also have the tools and expertise to dry out saturated materials like drywall when possible. Give our SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters team a call anytime at (508) 697-5439.

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Understanding SERVPRO’s Safety Measures During Commercial Flood Damage Recovery in Easton

11/17/2019 (Permalink)

A kitchen with cabinet doors open and SERVPRO equipment on the floor. Safety measures after your Easton water damage is very important, let SERVPRO show you.

SERVPRO will take care of everything after your Easton flood damage, even the safety measures.

As flooding spread through your Easton event center it is hard not to panic. Your bookings are many and the schedule is tight, not to mention that the occasions you support are one of a kind -- weddings, anniversaries, proms, and graduations. Although We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, halting the harm and bringing your space back to preloss condition does take some planning and time. Flood waters also are teeming with contaminants, requiring strict infectious waste protocols be observed.

Infectious Waste Requires Caution

Flood damage in Easton, as anywhere, exposes your customers, staff, and our technicians to highly infectious waste material. Sewage backup is common during overland flooding, adding cholera, tetanus, typhoid, polio, hepatitis, and a variety of other

infectious diseases to the mix in your facility. Sewage also releases methane gas and other “sewer gasses” harmful to

breathe. Our technicians working with infectious waste must follow all proper safety precautions, including keeping immunizations against diseases current. 

Permit Our Trained Workforce to Manage the Challenges

The precautions SERVPRO managers and technicians take are vital to the health and welfare of all who risk coming in contact with the flood waters. Our team wears personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent contaminants from touching exposed skin or to be inhaled. Expect also work area containment with heavy-duty plastic sheeting, sealed with negative pressure air scrubbers to filter the atmosphere inside the affected space. We set aside the area for safety reasons, but partitioning also permits us to concentrate completely on the work at hand. Each phase of the project completes more quickly because our team is focused and well-trained. 

Pre and Post Project Disinfection

SERVPRO applies an EPA-registered disinfectant on infectious waste and surfaces exposed to the contaminated water and debris prior to beginning the work. After the prescribed dwell time runs, flood water removal and deep cleaning proceed. A second application of the disinfectant after removal of all waste and moisture  inhibits the pathogens from rebounding. It also reduces the risk of airborne contaminants when we position air movers and other equipment for the drying phase.

Be confident that the professionals at SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters prioritize the health and welfare of your customers, employees, and the public when responding to flood damage in your commercial property. Call (508) 697-5439 to set up an assessment to plan for rapid water removal.

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Cleaning and Disinfection Is Crucial After A Flood In Bridgewater

11/6/2019 (Permalink)

flooding in kitchen Give us a call at (508) 697-5439.

Cleaning and Disinfection After Flood Loss in Bridgewater Homes

Disasters can take a severe toll on your Bridgewater house. Despite your ability to keep a clean home, the level of care and restoration that a property needs after natural flooding often exceeds the limitations and knowledge of traditional upkeep and maintenance for your property. Our cleaning technicians have accreditations through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), making them knowledgeable assets in returning your flooded property to preloss condition.
After natural flooding, there are many obstacles to overcome with the flood cleanup in Bridgewater homes. Silt, mud, and contaminants all play an active role in the hurdles our SERVPRO professionals must address to return your property to its original condition. Cleaning and disinfection might be among the final stages beyond controlled demolition, extraction, and drying, but they are vital to keeping your family safe.
Beyond the mud and debris in your home after flooding, bacteria and other contaminants could also be present in the intruding water that adds a hazardous situation to leave your family exposed to for prolonged periods. Our SERVPRO team can arrive quickly, despite when the disaster occurs, so that your home does not wait a moment longer than necessary for protection and early mitigation steps. This process most often begins with the assessment of which construction materials like drywall requires removal by our contracting unit.
We have a powerful line of potent cleaning products developed to stay in compliance with OSHA regulations while not limiting the potential strength and effectiveness of our cleaning efforts. We have virucides and sporicides that can get sprayed directly on structural elements, framework, joists, and other supports to prevent the spread of bacteria or the growth of microbial threats in these areas.
After a flood, you might not always think of prioritizing cleaning and revitalization. Because of our experience and extensive training through the IICRC, we can assess the severity of hazards and bio-threats, helping to regain control of the widespread disaster and get you back to normal life fast. No matter how severe flood losses can be, our SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters team can make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (508) 697-5439.

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Call Us To Begin A Fire Damage Restoration Partnership In Bridewater

10/21/2019 (Permalink)

A kitchen that encountered a fire with smoke and soot damage suffered a fire covered in soot and smoke damage We have the training, fire damage experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

What to Expect from Professional Fire Damage Mitigation and Remediation in Bridgewater

Residential fires in Bridgewater are frightening events, priorities moving loved ones and pets to safety away from the fire. The relief felt when your family is out of harm’s way gradually transforms into worry and anxiety as you begin to comprehend the severity of the harm done by heat, flames, and smoke. You need not handle the complexities of fire recovery alone. Our team is well-trained, equipped, and ready to help.

Consult with Our Experts Before Cleaning

When you see the fire damage in your Bridgewater home, it is understandable that you want to do something to make it better. Unless you have specialized training and equipment, however, any effort you make to clean up can make the damage worse. Fire residues smear, are often tightly adhered, and contain a range of toxic substances that make the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) essential when removing. Our Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) learn and follow protocols during coursework offered by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We are uniquely positioned to manage fire damage efficiently and safely, meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Common First Phases of Fire Damage Recovery

Slip and fall accidents and the possibility of electric shock or other harm makes water removal on of the first phases of a SERVPRO fire damage plan. Although the water and chemical extinguishers were vital to stopping the fire, we must now extract and contain the fluids and foams, disposing of them as hazardous waste. Next, we locate and evaluate the soot damage throughout your home. Even rooms distant from the ignition site can show damage as smoke and its solids, or soot, deposit on cooler surfaces wherever the air currents moved. Our technicians match soot types to appropriate products and cleaning methods as they vary depending on the temperature, oxygen level, and kind of fuel burned.

Deodorization Issues

Fire residues are highly malodorous. The smell primarily resides in the tiny particles of incompletely combusted materials that accelerated the fire. Merely masking the smell with air fresheners or hoping proper ventilation will sweep the smell away is unrealistic. SERVPRO uses a variety of advanced technologies, including ozone machines, thermal foggers, and hydroxyl generators, to neutralize the stench by altering the odor-bearing particles at the molecular level.

Rely on SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters to assess fire damage at your home, and to create a practical, research-based, and productive work plan to make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (508) 697-5439 to begin our partnership.

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Water Damage in Your Bridgewater Home can Exist Inside the Structure, Hidden from Your View

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

Floor joist exposed, with mold on drywall above the beams. SERVPRO can easily uncover your hidden water damage in your Bridgewater home.

We have the proper tools for your Bridgewater home water damage.

Keeping your Bridgewater home's appearance clean might reveal water damage in areas where water pipes pass through, like under sinks or around appliances. Knowing a leak exists means you can complete any necessary repairs and keep things under control. 

Sometimes the structure of your house in Bridgewater keeps water damage hidden. Damage might exist in areas in between walls, above ceilings, under floors, or inside your ventilation system. When you find deteriorated areas caused by dripping pipes or a problem with your roof, other water damage might plague your residence.

SERVPRO technicians carry specialized devices that can swiftly determine if water in one location spread to other areas, and how far, as well. While one device, the infrared camera, determines the location, the hygrometer gives us a fairly accurate measurement of how much dampness any particular location holds. These two diagnostic tools remain important parts of any water damage restoration job we do. 

While we are looking at things with the infrared camera, we might take visual readings (images) with the heat turned on in your residence. We also might take different images when the inside becomes cooler, also. The difference between inside and outside temperatures provides a remarkable contrast that can greatly help locate leaks coming from the exterior of your home. We can explain in more detail if we need to do this to locate all of the leaks causing water damage.

We can locate any leaks in your HVAC system like this, also. Leaks mean a break in your ducts, and a common cause of this involves water that seeped into the area. Our building services department handles our customers' HVAC repairs and inspections. They also take care of any drywall repairs and installation, freeing up our restoration crews' time for other aspects of making a house “Like it never even happened.”

We can detect water damage in areas that remain hidden away before they create substantially more deterioration and additional problems in adjacent areas. Call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at (508) 697-5439 to resolve such issues in your Easton, Whitman, or Scotland residence.

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How Our Crew Can Save Your Mold Damaged Commercial Property In Bridgewater

10/5/2019 (Permalink)

Mold on the wall Call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at (508) 697-5439 help deal with the issue, “Like it never even happened.”

Response to Commercial Mold Damage that Affects Bridgewater Conference Centers

Mold can develop anywhere, and if you manage a conference center, it can be a thorny issue if you fail to find a lasting solution. Although to a great extent, mold is an aesthetic issue manifesting as musty odor and unsightly patches on walls or ceilings, it is also associated with health problems so people might be apprehensive from using your facility if mold damage is apparent. Seeking a solution should start by identifying the cause.

Unresolved moisture issues lead to commercial mold damage incidents in Bridgewater since spores occur naturally, and any organic material is a great food source for mold colonies. Unfortunately, a wide range of sources can provide the moisture that fuels the infestation in your conference center. Narrowing down to the actual cause might require expertise. The most common moisture sources include:

    •    Water intrusion from outside the structure
    •    Condensation
    •    Water spills
    •    Unidentified leaks

Various approaches can help identify the moisture source, the easiest being observation. In case of a water spill, wet areas are likely to be visible. Other moisture sources require different approaches. Our SERVPRO technicians use equipment such as thermo-hygrometers to check humidity and temperature levels in the air confirming whether condensation is likely. We also have thermal cameras, which help identify wetness or leaks in concealed areas.

Identifying the source of moisture is only a preliminary step to resolving mold issues.  Finding a way to stop the moisture source is essential. Extraction helps deal with water spills while repairs are necessary for leaks. If the problem is condensation, improving ventilation helps. In a conference center, upgrades such as installing extractor fans might be necessary to remove the moisture people produce when the facility is in use.

Removal of mold colonies is essential after addressing the cause. Various procedures, including cleaning surfaces and removing heavily infested porous materials, are crucial. Our SERVPRO technicians HEPA vacuum surfaces before damp wiping affected areas with detergent.

For a long-term solution to mold issues, you need to know the source. Call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at (508) 697-5439 help deal with the issue, “Like it never even happened.”

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