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Are Your Students Dancing on Water Damage in East Bridgewater?

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Keep those feet moving. Call SERVPRO for your water damage restoration needs.

East Bridgwater Studio - Should I Dance or Should I Swim?

Your dance studio in East Bridgewater is not only about the dance itself. Thanks to your influence and the loyalty of your customers, a sense of community is felt by every person that comes through your door.  As your students practice, parents share and create a bond that transcends their children's performances.  A broken pipe leaking all over your dance floor disrupts your teaching and robs pupils and parents of their precious time together.  As you face the emergency, it is evident that you need a competent and specialized team of experts to restore your studio as soon as possible.

If water removal is what you need for your East Bridgewater dance academy, SERVPRO is your answer.  Like you, we service the community by applying our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all who need it.  Our water restoration technicians (WRT) arrive equipped with a variety of tools and techniques to extract all standing water from your studio.  Depending on the severity of the leak, we may use a submersible pump, or we may opt for handheld devices to access hard to reach corners.  In extreme cases, we may drill small holes into your baseboards and inject warm air into the wall cavity to ensure the drying process is complete.  As our team goes through the process, we continuously monitor the humidity in the air until it reaches its normal levels.

As you face your dance school, you may want to tackle the restoration on your own.  Although you should always jump-start the drying process as much as you can by soaking up water and plugging in dehumidifiers and fans, leave the final process to professionals.  Standing water has the potential of encouraging the proliferation of bacteria which can later become a mold problem, and for the sake of your health and that of your students, you want to avoid it.

Let SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters be your ally in restoring your dance studio.  Call us at (508) 697-5439 and let us leave it "Like it never even happened."

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We Can Save Fire Damaged Items in Your East Bridgewater Home

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage to your East Bridgewater home can be stressful. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Organization Helps in the Restoration of Fire Damage in Affected East Bridgewater Homes

Since fire causes widespread damages within a short while, the restoration process involves many steps.  There is a bit of demolition, cleanup, drying, and deodorization, among other activities. Proper organization is necessary to ensure each of these steps goes according to plan. We have highly trained FSRT, Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians, who can run a properly coordinated restoration exercise in your East Bridgewater home.

The Crucial Role Tools Play

Having the right equipment when restoring fire damage in the affected East Bridgewater home helps the process run smoothly.  A significant step such as removing damaged drywall, carpets, or other scorched materials can stall because of lack of a simple tool such as a pry bar.  Our SERVPRO crews bring all sorts of equipment in our green trucks, including simple ones such as rubber hammers and crowbars. We also have equipment for specialized tasks, including:

ULV Foggers

Duct Cleaning Systems

Pressure Sprayers

Multi-surface scrubbers


Chemical Resistant Gloves

Working Chronologically

Although completing all the processes is the only way to restore the fire-damaged property fully, it is crucial to assign a higher priority to specific actions over others.  Steps that help stop further deterioration at the property should be addressed first. Our SERVPRO technicians first secure the property by boarding it up and installing roof tarps. We also do content pack-outs if necessary to protect valuables from further damage during restoration.  Such steps also help create more convenience to perform other steps.

Even performing individual tasks might require the right approach to work faster and get good results. For example, a haphazard approach when cleaning soot and other smoke residues from ceilings and walls can prolong the process unnecessarily. Our SERVPRO technicians start with the ceiling then proceed to the walls when using wet cleaning procedures. For the walls, a top-down approach helps prevent re-soiling. 

For an adequately organized restoration process when your Bridgewater, West Bridgewater or Easton property is damaged by fire, call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters to help. You can reach us any time at (508) 697-5439. We have enough resources to deal with any level of damage “Like it never even happened.”

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We Act Fast To Restore Your Bridgewater Home After A Storm

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

The basement in this home flooded out when torrential rain came up the east cost. We were able to arrive right away and begin restoration.

Is Your Flooded Bridgewater Home Actually Contaminated?

Many homeowners believe that professional restoration teams like ours utilize scare tactics and threatening terminology to discourage homeowners from attempting restoration of their Bridgewater house on their own. With the widespread damages present after a flood, the recovery of these properties can be a substantial challenge – though not impossible – for owners to address. Some risks and threats exist with natural disasters like this, and the more aware you are about them, the better prepared you are to overcome them during extraction, drying, and cleaning of the house.

The problem with the DIY recovery of flood damage in Bridgewater homes is less about the work involved and more about the misinformation available for you to read on the internet and blogs. Natural flooding scenarios can bring contaminants and bacteria into your property, and as such, this is a condition that you must adequately prepare for with the proper disinfection protocols and personal protective equipment throughout the restoration and recovery of the property.

Many homeowners might question how contaminated the water actually is, especially since it might appear to be no different than creek water with high turbidity and cloudiness. The level of contamination is a direct result of the threats the floodwater encountered on the path to your residence. From dead animals and chemicals to raw sewage and debris, there could be life-threatening contamination, or very little. All floodwater from rising creeks and streams in the area should be considered contaminated and treated as such.

Likewise, flood damage that occurs from direct rainfall and runoff from a structural breach to the roof can get treated as non-hazardous unless a known threat exists. Identifying the appropriate type of flooding situation that you have can change the way that you, or our SERVPRO professionals, address the cleanup and restoration.

Recovering your property after flood damage is a situation ideal for the experience and advanced equipment of our SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters professionals. We can work quickly to remove damaging floodwaters and decontaminate exposed materials to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (508) 697-5439.

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Is it Raining Water Damage Inside Your East Bridgewater Home?

7/12/2019 (Permalink)

If you see water damage on your ceiling, call SERVPRO!

Handling Unusual Cases of Water Removal in Your East Bridgewater Home

Water loss can affect any section of your East Bridgewater home. While most spills leave water primarily on the floor of your main rooms, some cases might touch unusual spaces such as the ceiling or attics. These mostly happen when there is a leak in a supply line, or the roof is damage allowing rainwater into the structure. Such situations are harder to deal with, so it is better to work with a professional water restoration team.

Efficient water removal from your East Bridgewater home is possible when you understand the extent of the problem. A leak in the ceiling might spill over to the rest of the house or remain confined in the ceiling with the only visible signs being bubbling and sagging sections. You can take some steps to mitigate the problem before professional restorers arrive. Look for the main water line and shut it off. You should also try to catch the dripping water by placing buckets directly under the leaks or using towels to soak it up from the floors.

Water removal from the ceiling requires considerable expertise for thoroughness and to minimize the amount of demolition needed. Having the right equipment also helps, especially during the drying phase to extract all the moisture. Our SERVPRO team includes IICRC certified WRT, Water Restoration Technicians, and ASD, Applied Structural Drying Specialists. We punch weep-holes to release water from the ceiling and minimize the weight on the panels without necessitating major demolition.

In case the leak is caught in time before the water permeates deeply into the panels and joists in the ceiling, it is possible to avoid demolition. However, this makes the drying process more difficult. Our SERVPRO technicians combine the use of advanced equipment and advanced skills. For example, we can make dehumidification more effective by covering the wet ceiling with a plastic barrier and venting it into a dehumidifier. We bring a wide range of moisture control equipment to the loss sites, including:

LGR Dehumidifiers

Centrifugal Air Movers

Moisture meters


To deal with any spill effectively, call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters to help. You can reach us at (508) 697-5439 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Our Professionals Can Save Your East Bridgewater Home

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

Our experts have the resources to deal with any incident “Like it never even happened.”

Dealing With Fire Damage In Your East Bridgewater Home When There Is No Fire

The risk of damage by fire is ever present, considering it takes just a few seconds for a small spark to become a huge blaze if the conditions are right. Sometimes, severe fire damage can occur even when there is no actual fire in the property, or it is confined to a small section. Some examples of such incidents include puff-backs and grease fires in the kitchen. Our professional fire damage restoration services are helpful in such cases.
When flames do not cause fire damage in your East Bridgewater home, most of the restoration work involves clean up because of soot and other residues deposited on surfaces and contents such as beddings, drapes, upholstery and other furniture items. Puff backs or small fires burning with thick smoke are two common situations most likely to cause such damages.
The effects left by such incidents include darkened surfaces such as walls and ceilings, soot deposits on various materials and a heavy odor that does not dissipate quickly. A thorough evaluation of the affected areas is essential to establish what is affected. At SERVPRO, we have IICRC certified FSRT, Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians, who can evaluate your property and determine the best steps to take to restore the property to its preloss state.
Puff backs leave a combination of fuel oil smoke deposits and dust particles on the affected surfaces. Fresh soot is easy to clean, but in some cases, it might have hard crusty particles that can scratch the surfaces. In some cases, the soot may bond with wall paints if the furnace emits smoke over extended periods before ignition. Small kitchen fires, on the other hand, create wet smoke residues or protein residues which are hard to clean. Our SERVPRO technicians can deal with all these challenges. We rely on advanced equipment, including surface scrubbers and pressure washers to remove stubborn deposits. We also use professional cleaning products and deodorizing agents to remove traces of residues and bad odor.
Fire damage, even from a small incident, can be hard to address. Call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at (508) 697-5439 to help. Our experts have the resources to deal with any incident “Like it never even happened.”

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Don’t Stress About Water Damage Remediation in Your East Bridgewater Home

6/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage in your kitchen can cause catastrophic effects. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO today for help.

We have the Water Removal Equipment Needed to Dry and Protect Homes in East Bridgewater

When you realize your tub overflowed or the water heater leaked all over the place, you want to dry your home in East Bridgewater as fast as possible. Too often, homeowners call us after deterioration sets in instead of when the initial event took place. We have the proper equipment needed to keep such harm from happening to your home.

Protecting the residences in East Bridgewater from the harsh effects of water often requires the use of water removal and drying equipment. Water that escaped from pipes and basins and soaked into floors and other surfaces inside your property does not disappear from your home merely because you no longer see it. Just as it can soak into things, it can also evaporate into the air and move to other areas of your home.

Water that becomes water vapor can condense on other surfaces and cause damage. It makes the air feel sticky on hotter days, as well as making the air feel heavier as you breathe. Wherever materials retain it within their pores, damage can begin to take place within only a few hours of the initial incident. However, the effects of both materials and excess humidity might not become apparent for some time.

The damage that can happen as a result of water left to work its way around your home unfettered costs much more than removing the water before such damage can ruin your house and any contents. Our equipment ranges from pumps of varying sizes to industrial-grade box fans that change the air between 3000 to 5000 cubic feet per minute (CFU). Proper extraction addresses lost water in all its forms, and SERVPRO carries these and other pieces of water removal equipment in our Green Fleet.

Since water seeps into pores and flows into enclosed spaces, becoming trapped in both, we use equipment that draws the water out of these spaces. Our fans speed up evaporation rates, pulling moisture out of walls and floors, while our Injectidry system handles enclosed spaces after we drain them with the use of tiny weep holes. Heating systems also play a role in getting the moisture below floorboards out before such moisture can cause cupping to occur.

SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters uses these and other useful tools to mitigate homes when water removal must take place. Preventing damage from occurring saves our customers expense and aggravation. Contact us at any time by calling (508) 697-5439. We serve North and South Easton, Whitman, and Scotland, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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We Can Restore Your Fire Damaged Home In East Bridgewater

6/13/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters handles all types of fire damage restoration.

Bedroom Blaze Leaves Fire Damage Cleanup Challenge In East Bridgewater Home

Candles set the mood in a room, have a pleasant fragrance, and have the potential to cause significant fire damage. The speed at which the cleanup and restoration of fire loss begin can increase the number of items saved.

SERVPRO technicians worked on fire damage in the bedroom of an East Bridgewater home caused by a candle to get it ready for rebuilding. After containing the affected area, our technicians moved out the charred window treatments, mattress and bed frame as the longer they remain on the property, the more soot and odor they have the potential to spread.

The carpet was deemed a fire loss by the adjuster and required removal but was too heavy to move as it retained water. We extracted the water from extinguishing the fire from the carpet and cut it into strips for easy removal. We needed to perform controlled demotion to remove the charred sheetrock. We photographed, cataloged, and removed items in the room that had the potential for restoration to another area for cleaning and odor control.

As the bedroom was dried, we deployed air scrubbers to remove airborne soot particles. Once dry, we wiped down and disinfected the surfaces. These actions go a long way towards lowering odors left by the fire, but to rebuild, full removal of all offensive odors must occur.

We used a combination of an ozone machine which neutralizes odors at the molecular level and thermal fogging, which delivers a heated solvent that moves through the room the same way as the smoke did. Once we removed the odors, the room was ready for rebuilding. Our technicians gave the homeowner and adjuster a list of the tasks completed for mitigation as well as the repairs needed to return the bedroom to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters handles all types of fire damage restoration. Our emergency response crew is available 24/7, call us at (508) 697-5439, and we can be on site soon after your initial call because We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Don’t Tackle Water Damage Remediation in Your Bridgewater Home Alone

6/8/2019 (Permalink)

When your Bridgewater living room is taken over by water damage don't try and handle it alone. Contact SERVPRO today for help.

Water Damage in the Kitchen of Your Bridgewater Home can Affect Cabinets and the Stability of Counter Spaces

Leaks under the kitchen sink in your Bridgewater home continuously wear away at the interior of the cabinet. This can destroy areas that you rarely inspect, allowing the area's condition to worsen. One of the first signs you might notice is instability of the countertop. Cracks along the seams of the counter might widen, also, allowing water and other sources of moisture to seep into the more porous materials underneath the surface, eventually leading to additional problems.

We work with homeowners in Bridgewater and surrounding areas when water damage calls for mitigation and restoration work. We also serve our local communities by putting measures in place that prevent future damage, saving customers money and aggravation.

Protecting your kitchen from water damage that starts with a small leak within the plumbing under the sink starts with sealing off where the water drips out. Using highly absorbent cloths, we clean the area to check the immediate area and then use an infrared camera so we can locate the extent of the water's spread. We do not want to waste time drying areas that never became wet.

The framework supporting a massive countertop requires stability and strength.  When water seeps into this area, deterioration and weakening lead to unevenness. Cabinets can also become discolored, veneers can peel, and solid wood can crack and splinter. Water, although used in multiple activities in the kitchen, can damage almost any materials it soaks into, especially when drying out never seems to happen.

We have specialized equipment to dry out the underside of such damp cabinets, as well as the space behind them where a gap forms between them and the wall. Our Injectidry's flexible tubing forces air into places that otherwise might remain damp with methods used to dry out more exposed areas in a room. When we use these to force air in and through an enclosed area, we do not have to build a drying chamber to target specific areas. Reinforcing the framework after we dry the area ultimately helps protect the countertop and anything installed with it in your kitchen.

SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters has the technology and skills to protect your home from the ruining effects of water damage. Homeowners in Scotland, Whitman, and all over Easton trust us to mitigate existing damage and to protect their property from future costly situations. Call us at (508) 697-5439, so we can help you, also.

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Our Certified Technicians Are Prepared For Your Bridgewater Water Damage Disaster

5/27/2019 (Permalink)

This home owner discovered there was water coming half way up her cellar stairs during a storm. We were there to help her right away.

Accurate Assessment of Water Damage Remediation Needs: Why SERVPRO Is Bridgewater’s Restoration Leader

The damage moisture does to your Bridgewater home starts with a first drop. Likewise, the desired results we deliver to our customers begins with an inspection and evaluation of the harm stemming from excess water. Our experienced team assesses your entire home, including searching for hidden sources and pockets of water, before developing a remediation plan. The thoroughness of our approach is why our team makes a wet mess “Like it never even happened.”

Regardless of the reasons your Bridgewater home suffers from water damage, the steps our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians take follow the same path. We visually inspect for water incursions. Then we use sensitive moisture meters and thermal imaging devices to collect data for all saturated building materials and contents and hidden spaces holding standing water. Our commitment to a comprehensive search, including water migration into other areas, is why we are confident our team can return your home to its previous condition fast.

Our service vehicles carry both water removal and structural drying equipment, which is why SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) immediately start on your project’s plan. Rapid water removal and moisture reduction are crucial to successful remediation, saving building materials that might otherwise warp or crumble when too much time passes. Pumps and wanded extractors clear standing water, and we look to negative air pressure systems to suction water out of multi-layer floors and from behind walls.

We also consider controlled demolition to release water and provide better airflow for the drying phase. Flood cuts remove a portion of drywall at and above floor level. Drilled holes allow drainage of water in concrete or cinder block construction. These steps greatly accelerate water and moisture reduction when done by our highly-trained professionals. Our expertise in these efficient methods is why SERVPRO needs to be your first call after household water damage.

The integrity of your home during water damage remediation requires professional intervention, explaining why SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters should be your first call after the disaster. Contact us at (508) 697-5439 for round the clock inquiries and scheduling of an assessment.

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We Go Above And Beyond In Caring For Your Belongings After A Flood In Bridgewater

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer our experience, expertise, and necessary equipment to restore your home.

Protecting Contents with Pack-Outs in Flooded Bridgewater Homes

As a restoration company that has been proudly serving the Bridgewater area for many years, we always strive to give our customers a thorough and detail-oriented restoration approach. When situations like flooding occur, we can protect affected contents and materials within that house by allowing our contents department to identify which of your belongings, furniture, and other affected materials can benefit from focused attention and relocation.

The affected contents of your Bridgewater home after flood damage cannot often remain in their original positions, and can continue to impact these items negatively. Instead, our SERVPRO professionals can safely pack up these items into production trailers that arrive with our Green Fleet and work to relocate them to our facility. There, these items can get better protected while also receiving specific attention to thoroughly clean, deodorize, and disinfect them.

Once your belongings arrive at our facility, our SERVPRO team can get to work on the cleaning and deodorization process, as many of these items can fall victim to mud, debris, and potential contaminants floodwater brings into your property. There are multiple approaches to addressing odor concerns from the use of our hydroxyl generator to our ozone chamber to effectively remove the harsh odor from multiple possessions and pieces of furniture simultaneously.

We can tag these items and safely store them within our warehouse as restoration work continues in your home. This area of our facility is climate and temperature controlled, ensuring that no harm befalls these items until they are ready to get returned to your restored property. Once our IICRC-Certified restoration specialists have brought your home back to preloss condition, our contents department can bring the recovered items back to your property to get returned to their original positions.

While many people can appreciate our desire to go above and beyond for our customers, many do not fully understand the lengths that our team goes to ensure that we protect your possessions during a disaster. No matter when flooding occurs, our SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters team can get there quickly to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call at (508) 697-5439.

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