Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold-Plymouth, MA

During the renovation of this kitchen, the contractor had discovered what appeared to be mold. They contacted the homeowner right away. The homeowner contacted... READ MORE

Mold-Milton, MA

The homeowner was having work done to the roof and skylights. When the contractors opened the area they came upon mold. It appeared that the skylights had been ... READ MORE

Mold-Plymouth, MA

It was near Halloween, and the homeowner wanted to get the decoration from the attic. When he had entered the attic he saw what appeared to be mold throughout t... READ MORE

Mold-Sharon, MA

The homeowner had gone into her garage and while in there noticed what appeared to be mold growing under the window. She wasn't sure, but knew that she needed t... READ MORE

Mold- Somerset, MA

The mold in this home was the result of a water piper slowly leaking over a period of time. This was an elderly homeowner who had no idea that the water was dri... READ MORE

Ejector Pump Malfunction

While a contractor was repairing an ejector pump, he came upon what appeared to be mold. He immediately stopped the repairs and contacted the homeowners about t... READ MORE

Roof Mold in Foxboro, MA

We received a call from the homeowner, stating that their roofing contractor had found what they though was mold on the roof's rafters and needed our expert opi... READ MORE

Con't...Roof Mold in Foxboro, MA

The procedure was of a two part. The roof was removed and brought down so that the crew would be able to do some ice blasting. Dry ice blasting is superior to c... READ MORE